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#7- Gyneco Visit Part 2

#7- Gyneco Visit Part 2

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UPDATES RANDOMLY OR EVERY DAY!! (which ever comes first) This is a comic of the random happenings of a 17 year old overweight, potty mouth, anime-loving, almost sex crazy and stubborn country high school senior from a small county in a small city in Virginia. Nothing interesting... or is it. Talks about daily life, issues in the world and local issues. Basically its like MLiHS w/o all the awesome art. =D Includes art and info about the main character....me =D ~|SUPPORT UNDERPRIVILAGED ARTIST LIKE MYSELF AND ADD THIS TO YOUR FAVORITES IF YOU LIKE IT!!|~ (just do it, it'll make me happy)

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Posted by chibiyokai
June 26th, 2009, 1:48 am
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the comic will go on as planned, but I'm doing an haul on the site. I'm updating all of the custom pages AND redoing the characters. Hopefully I'll have this done by mid-July and get a custom template for the site also.


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